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Floor Sanding

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We sand wooden floors both existing and new, a variety of Hardwood timber, NZ Native tongue and groove wood, Cork, Parquet floor, and Particle Board, Strand Board plus Overlay wood flooring.
At Install-A-Floor we offer clients a full range of floor sanding services. From our initial consultation and quote to preparing the floors using our top quality, German designed floor sanding machines, we will help you choose the right finish for your type of floor and for the effect you want.  We use top quality polyurethane products from Handley Industries, Mirotone and Gilt Edge.
We also specialise in staining timber floors. With our extensive range of stains your floor will not only shine, but make a statement.
Install-A-Floor sand and refurbish timber floors Otago region and beyond.  Sanding and refurbishing timber flooring is a very economical way to transform your home.
It normally takes two to four days to complete an 80 square metre area.  We have many years of experience in  New Zealand  in sanding, staining and polyurethaning timber flooring. Your enquiries are always welcome and we are always available to give advice. We are the experts when it comes to sanding and polyurethaning timber floors.
We’re passionate about delivering a great service and will work hard to create the finish and look you want.  We offer you the best service possible and as we work with only high quality materials we can guarantee our level of workmanship and customer satisfaction. We are proud to be able to deliver superbly finished timber floors that match the vision of our customers.

Install-A-Floor provide a complete timber floor sanding and restoration service. We will restore a well used, scratched or damaged timber floor to an extremely high finish. Our professional sanding services restore all types of timber flooring from classic T&G to parquet floors, chip board and cork to name a few.  Existing timber floors that are stained, worn or generally lack lustre will benefit from our professional timber floor sanding service.

Floor Sanding Preparation

Carpet, Vinyl, existing floor coverings along with tacks and foreign objects can be removed by Install-A-Floor if required.Punch and fill nail holes. We use modern predominantly German machinery with high quality grades of sand paper to attain a smooth/polished flat finish.We complete our floor preparation process before the floor covering is commenced. It is your preference which flooring product is then applied as the floor coating finish.Sanding a floor before laying of carpet or vinyl, also sand prep for water sealing we can do; this is termed a Builders Cut.
Free Quotes & Advice 

We service all of Otago region and beyond.  We will come to your site, measure the floor and advise on the best course of action.Once a decision has been made on what the customer wants to do with the floor, we will be able to immediately issue a quote.
Maybe you'd like your Bach floors sanded?   No matter where you are give us a call.  For out of the Otago region quotes simply provide us with the floors measurements and condition (photos are also helpful) and we can give you a quote via telephone, fax or email.  Travel and accomodation costs will be automatically included into the quote, so no hidden costs upon completion of the work.

Floor Coating

Polyurethane Coat

A clear, tough and durable finish that is applied as a wear layer to the floor which allows the light to reflect the natural grain and shades of the wood.

Waterborne Coat (Eco friendly, Non toxic)

Waterborne polyurethanes cure by drying in natural air temperatures. The water is dried out leaving the polyurethane, drying faster in warmer conditions than cooler.
Waterborne coats can dry in 2 - 4 hours in good conditions so more than one coat can be applied daily. Waterborne polyurethane brings out the natural colour and grains of the timber. It gives off very little odour. It is also manufactured locally or imported in Gloss, Satin, Low Sheen and Matt finishes.

Moisture Cured Coat

Moisture cured polyurethane is solvent based and cures by drawing moisture from the atmosphere. While it is curing the solvents are released and create a smelly odour. Curing time after the final coat takes approx 7 - 10 days depending on weather conditions. It is a proven hard wearing surface but will wear according to the amount of traffic over it. It is manufactured locally and available in Gloss, Satin or Low Sheen finishes.

Floor Staining

Staining of sanded wood is often done to darken the wood without losing the affect of the natural grain in the floor. Stains are available in both waterborne and solvent based colours for you to choose from. Staining for matching décor tones, wooden floors with different timber can often achieve a more uniformed appearance by staining.

Blonde floor

A newly sanded floor is coated with a light/whitish paint which will give a white wash appearance or overall white/light film, still allowing the grain of the wood to be seen. Naturally pale coloured wood such as Pine, Oak, Kauri and Tawa give the best results with this floor treatment.
We will do sample staining / blonding for you to approve before we commence your floor.

Wooden floor Block Out

Coloured paint is added to the solvent based polyurethane, the character and grain in the timber is not visual after application. An option for particle board/stand board and solid wood floors.

Reglaze to revitalise the wooden floor

If your existing timber floors are looking a bit tired, we can easily revitalise them without having to completely re-sand and coat.  This is called a re-glaze.  We simply come in, wash your floors with a re-glaze solution, lightly sand and apply one to two coats of polyurethane of your choice - Gloss, Satin or Low Sheen.  This is great value if you are trying to sell your home or if your floors are in need of a facelift.
Please be aware that a reglaze cannot be done on a floor which has worn through to the bare timber.  You will require having your floor completely re-sanded and re-coated

Floor Oil

Natural oils applied to the floor, it is low in solvent, does not crack or blister and gives a natural enhancement of the wood. Oiled floors may require ongoing maintenance, especially high traffic area. Available in Satin matt and Matt finish.
We successfully use Osmo Polyx oil


We can do the uplifting of carpet, vinyl, cork, tiles and staples.  We can take care of disposing all of this for you too.  Please note that vinyl laid between the 1960's to mid 1980's often had asbestos in the backing material.  We recommend that you get your flooring checked for asbestos before we will do any work on it. (Look in the yellow pages under "Asbestos" and you'll find several companies that offer a testing service.) Approach someone that is certified by the Department of Labour.  If asbestos is found, you will need to have the flooring removed by a professional company before we can sand it.
Install-A-Floor removes all rubbish from the work site as part of our committed service to you.
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