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Stand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Beautiful bamboo flooring has become a hot trend over the last ten years, being installed worldwide in fine hotels, retails outlets, galleries, workplaces and homes.

Aesthetically it offers elegant clean lines, clarity of colour and a truly unique look. A range of designs, colours and planks widths are available to compliment any interior, from contemporary chic through to a more traditional classic style.

Bamboo is an environmentally sustainable and renewable resource. It is technically a grass and is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. Bamboo can be harvested every five years and re-grown from the same plant, compared to hardwood timbers which can take up to sixty years to reach full maturity.

The bamboo product is hot-pressed strand-woven manufactured, which offers far superior stability and durability. Bamboo is twice the hardness of most hardwoods, making it more impact resistant. They come in a range of  colours from natural to coffee and dark chocolates- to wheaten-hued and the recycled hardwood effect. The bamboo is carbonised (steam heat-treated) to achieve the darker tones, meaning that the colour is the same inside the plank as on the surface and are pre-finished with 7 layers of UV cured, scratch-resistant coatings for extra durability.

Because of its unique properties and stylish appearance, it is increasingly becoming a popular alternative to traditional timber. 


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